Libya accuses Turkey and Qatar of interfering in Tripoli battle

Al-Mismari accuses Turkey and Qatar of interfering in the Tripoli battle

 The Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari accused Turkey and Qatar of interfering directly in the battle of Tripoli, pointing out that Libya is under Turkish invasion. According to Sky News, Turkey provided a Turkish air cover with marching aircraft during the raid of the guerrillas in the city of Gharyan, adding that it was therefore decided to consider any Turkish targets on Libyan territory as hostile targets. Libyan territorial waters. The military spokesman pointed out that the army will target any point on the ground dealing with Turkey, stressing that there are orders to arrest all Turks in Libya, pointing out that there are also orders to ban flights from any Libyan airport to Turkey. Al-Mismari confirmed that the army would drop the terrorist organization's terrorist organization in Libya. He said that the troops would storm the town of Gharian and continue to destroy the capabilities of the militias

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