What do we know about the Russian missile crisis between Turkey and the United States?

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced on Friday that it had received the first equipment for a batch of the S-400 Russian air defense system, despite repeated threats by Washington to Ankara not to possess such an anti-aircraft defense system and warn the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Defense system.

The ministry said in a statement issued Friday that "the first shipment of equipment S-400 air defense system began on July 12 at the base of the airborne in Ankara."

Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu said in remarks broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the process of receiving the Russian missile system "S-400" is proceeding as planned.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has indicated that the defense system will be deployed in the most dangerous areas, and that the decision on this subject to the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff in Turkey. The deal between Ankara and Moscow was signed in 2017. The contract signed between the two governments provides for the delivery of four S-400 batteries for $ 2.5 billion. Turkey will pay part of the value of the deal itself and the other part will be paid under a Russian loan. The operational range of the missiles is 250 miles (402 kilometers) and is capable of intercepting air targets - planes, drones, or even ballistic missiles at altitudes of up to 30,000 feet, CNN reported.

military training
The Russian ITAR-TASS news agency reported Friday that a new batch of Turkish soldiers would arrive in Russia to train how to operate the S-400 missile defense system. "In May and June, about 20 Turkish soldiers received training at a Russian training center and returned to their motherland by the end of studies," the agency quoted a military-diplomatic source as saying. "In July-August, 80 more soldiers from Turkey will come to the training center This will train them to run and use the S-400. "

What is the position of the United States?

The United States has strongly opposed Turkey's purchase of the S-400 system, arguing that Russian regimes are in conflict with NATO regulations that include Turkey. Washington also sees a real danger that Russian operators who will train the Turkish military on the S-400 system will be able to uncover the technological secrets of the new US F-35, which Ankara wants to buy as well. Washington gave Ankara a deadline in early June, due to end at the end of this month, to choose between the Russian system or US fighter jets. "Turkey will face real and negative consequences if it accepts the S-400 system," State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagos said. Erdogan, however, said after meeting with his Turkish counterpart Donald Trump last June that he was not afraid of his country being penalized for buying S-400 missiles. Turkey confirmed last Wednesday that threats by the United States over the purchase of Russian missiles would damage bilateral relations.

What is NATO's position?

 An unidentified NATO official warned of dire consequences for Turkey's purchase of Russia's S-400 air-to-air air defense system, saying: "It is up to the allies to decide on the nature of the military equipment they will be buying. Of the decision of Turkey to buy the system "S-400" The official added: "The joint action of our armed forces is essential for NATO to conduct our operation and our tasks," while welcoming Turkey's work with other allies on the development of long-range air and missile defense systems.

Sudan Revolution: Iron and Fire ... Documentary from the BBC for "Events of the Sudanese Revolution"

Six months ago, the Sudanese people revolted against the 30-year-old dictatorship of Omar al-Bashir. My film "Sudan: Iron and Fire" tells the story of what happened after the fall of Bashir.

Khartoum was full of hope when it arrived. Protesters demand the army hand over power. There is a festive atmosphere, and the air is full of music. They sent the soldiers to break the sit-in but the protesters showed consistency. I have only ten days in the country. I need an article that tells the story of the revolution. My plan is mainly the coverage of the Voice of the Sudanese Revolution, which started earlier this year and became the voice of the demonstrators. Until I met the doctor "Nemarik". She is a doctor, she is also a demonstrator but her parents do not know it. When I discovered it was from Atbara I realized it was the main character I was looking for. I said to myself: "It would be a great story if we could travel to Atbara and meet her family." Atbara is known as the cradle of the revolution. From which the wave of demonstrations began in December and lasted until it overthrew Bashir in April.

Things do not go smoothly. Working in the capital is much easier than in the provinces. The government will not allow us to shoot a film in Atbara. You must obtain a local permit. How exciting it is to be the only Western press team in the region, but a dangerous one.

Atbara lies 350 km northeast of Khartoum. In order to avoid the main road and the checkpoints, it takes us eight hours to travel. We have taken other precautionary measures that are not prudent to disclose. Let's just say that journalists who venture outside the capital Khartoum must be cautious. The family is full of generosity and hospitality, a lot of locals. This is the first time people here see Western journalists with a camera. But I felt the danger in the hospital. A demonstrator who had lost his brother in the demonstrations asked me to shoot a film there, and it was because we went and started filming. Two policemen emerged, one of whom grabbed me. This incident took place just a few minutes before I spoke to Nemarik. I told her that there was no way for the country to return to bloodshed. Now I realize I was wrong. Here I see how violence is pervasive and how police and the military make it easy for violence. I was fortunate that the demonstrators helped me out of the impasse. The most difficult moment was intercepted through the film was a scene in which we were participating in a market demonstration. She had not told her family yet that she was participating in the demonstrations. Suddenly, without her knowledge, her father came and saw her.

"I'm sorry, Reese" page manager on Facebook for fans of former President Hosni Mubarak

The Supreme State Security Prosecution in Egypt has decided to imprison Karim Hussein, director of the "I'm sorry, Rees" page on Facebook, which supports former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for 15 days on charges of publishing false news and misuse of social networking sites.

Among the charges against Hussein is also joining a group that was established against the law, without naming the group. Hussein was arrested from his home last Monday by six plainclothes security personnel who confiscated his mobile phone and personal computer. The "I'm sorry, Reiss" page was founded in February 2011, after Mubarak stepped down and is followed by more than three million people. The "I am sorry to see" page displays news and pictures, clips of the former president and members of his family, while in power and after his departure.

Hussein has published pictures of him with Mubarak on the page, which has recently compared the economic and political situation in Egypt now with the era of Mubarak. The page recently featured televised footage of Mubarak during his term in which he spoke of the importance of his government's continued support for commodities and fuel, in line with the current policy to liberalize fuel prices by the Egyptian government. Karim Hussein visited Mubarak more than once in the hospital and home, and his son Gamal Mubarak attended Hussein's wedding two years ago.

Hussein was a protagonist on his page to demonstrate on June 30, 2013, against the rule of former President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. Over the past two years, Egyptian security forces have arrested political opponents, bloggers and journalists on charges of their activities on social networks, "joining a terrorist group" or "spreading false news." According to the law regulating the press and media in Egypt, anyone who runs a personal page on social media sites with more than 5000 users is treated as media and the penalties included in it apply, some of which amount to imprisonment and fines if false news is published that affects national security. The social media in Egypt are widespread, far surpassing websites and print newspapers.

"We are not a suspicious group"

"We are not a suspicious group, not against the country," Assem Abu-al-Khayr, one of the directors and founders of the "I'm sorry, Reiss" page along with Hussein, said on his Facebook page in a tweet after Hussein's decision. We provide it or get excited, but our age was not the birth of Egypt. " The "I'm sorry to reiss" page issued a statement, following the arrest of its director, in which it said that it declares "its full confidence in the national security authorities, and treated wisely in such matters." Alaa, Mubarak's son, denied reports published by social networking pages and websites that Karim Hussein is the director of Alaa's Twitter page. "I do not comment on the decision to detain Hussein for 15 days, but in her last comment on his arrest, she stressed that she is" always and always with the Egyptian state, with all its institutions and leadership, and this position will never change. "

Amnesty International said in a report earlier this year that "the crackdown on freedom of expression in Egypt has reached levels of concern and unprecedented in the modern history of Egypt," which the Egyptian government denies on a permanent basis and says its judicial system is independent, "Politicized". The Egyptian government has approved a number of laws and legislations, which rights activists say limit freedom on the Internet, in an unprecedented manner, most notably the Cybercrime Act. However, the Egyptian authorities responded to critics of these laws, that it aims to secure the personal accounts of citizens, and impose penalties for exposure to their data.

Thwart a massive smuggling operation of hundreds of elephants' tails and threatened animals

About 10,000 turtles, 23 monkeys, 30 large cats, and hundreds of elephants' tails were caught

The World Customs Organization (based in Brussels, Belgium) and the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) based in Lyon, France, have foiled a massive smuggling operation for thousands of endangered animals, along with large amounts of ivory. The two organizations confirmed that "they carried out 1828 seizures in 109 countries during the month of June last." About 10,000 turtles, 23 monkeys, 30 large cats, hundreds of elephants' tails, half a ton of ivory, and 5 horns of rhino were seized. However, the operation resulted in the identification of nearly 600 suspects and led to arrests around the world, including 21 in Spain. "The crime of wildlife not only diverts our environment from its resources but also has an impact through related violence, money laundering and fraud," said Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stoke.

Britain confirms Iranian attempt to detain a tanker in Hormuz

The British government on Thursday confirmed media reports that Iran's Revolutionary Guard was trying to intercept one of its tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. London said three Iranian boats approached the British carrier Heridge and tried to detain her, but failed. The British government expressed its concern about the actions taken by the Iranian authorities and urged them to calm the situation. Earlier on Thursday, a Reuters quoted a US official as saying that five boats believed to belong to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards approached a British tanker on Wednesday. The official said the boats demanded the tanker to stop in Iranian waters near its location, but withdrew after a British warship warned it by radio.

Later, the news agency "Reuters" denied the Revolutionary Guard involvement in the attempt to detain the British carrier, saying that it was "American allegations." This is the third attack or attempted attack on international oil tankers in the Gulf region and the Gulf of Oman, according to Washington, which accused the mullahs' regime of involvement in the attacks. The Iranian semi-official agency Tasnim quoted Iran's Chief of Staff General Mohammad Baqri as saying earlier that Britain's seizure of an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar last week "will not remain unanswered." The British Royal Marines advanced to the Grace 1 ship off the coast of Gibraltar last Thursday and detained it on charges of violating EU sanctions by transferring oil to Syria. Image source: AFP

Iranian Guard: We will target US bases in neighboring Arab countries if an attack is launched

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guard for Cultural and Social Affairs Hassin Najat said that his country's forces would destroy US aircraft carriers in the Gulf waters if any "folly" was committed against Iran.

"American bases in the region are in the range of Iranian missiles," Najat said. "Our missiles will target US bases in neighboring Arab countries in the event of any attack on our country." The Iranian military official stressed that "the war is not on Trump's agenda and he wants to drag Tehran to negotiate through the maximum pressure." Nagat pointed out that US President Donald Trump did not respond to the downing of the plane, knowing that "the bases from which US operations will be launched in the range of our missiles." "Iran has put Israel's security at risk and now it is troubling Saudi Arabia, America and Israel. Tehran is fighting the war at the enemy's borders and not on its borders," he warned.

Washington: We seek to form a coalition to secure navigation in the Strait of Hormuz

US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Danford announced that the United States is seeking to garner support from allies to secure navigation at strategic points in the Strait of Hormuz and Bab el Mandeb.

"We are currently working with a number of countries to see whether we can form an alliance that will secure freedom of navigation in the Straits of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandeb," General Danford was quoted as saying. "I think we may determine in the next two weeks the countries that have the political will to support this initiative and then we will work directly with the armies to determine the capabilities that will ensure that."

This comes after the targeting of oil tankers near the coast of the UAE and the Gulf of Oman during the past two months. The United States accused Iran of being behind the attacks and toughened sanctions on the Islamic Republic. For its part, Iran denied responsibility for the attack on oil tankers and called for investigation and the strengthening of security cooperation among the countries of the region. Source: Reuters

Aircraft faster than a sound promising areas of cooperation between Russia and the UAE

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Denis Masarurov
The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Denis Masarurov, in an interview with RT for promising areas of cooperation between Russia and the UAE, especially in light of the great potential of the countries.

The minister said after a meeting with the UAE delegation on the sidelines of the World Summit for manufacturing and industry events, he said that the two sides discussed the development of relations in industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals, especially mineral fertilizers.
He added that the UAE side expressed interest in joint production of aircraft passenger supersonic speed, as well as the cooperation in the field of investment discussed, pointing out that the UAE side studying various economic sectors for cooperation and investment.

And launched today in the city Akatirenburg activities of the second edition of the World Summit for manufacturing industry, which leaders of governments, industry and civil society gathered.

Source: RT

Tehran: After dropping the plane asked us to Washington not respond to a limited blow for us to save face

The chairman of the Civil Defense Organization in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Gholam Reza Jalali, that Washington has sent letters to Tehran after the overthrow of the plane in which the march said it would respond limited strike to save face.
He added that the United States and through diplomatic channels, unspecified, sent letters to Tehran that it would respond in a limited strike area in which she is not of great importance so as to save face, a student from Iran not to respond to the strike.

Jalali said that Tehran has confirmed in its response to any strike viewed by a declaration of war and will respond, and added: "We told them that we will determine from the battlefield, and if you start the war we will be to announce an end."

Iran dropped the end of last month, the march of a plane belonging to the US Army missile surface to air over the Strait of Hormuz.

Georgian media insulted Putin and subjected to wide condemnations

He raised a statement to the TV host Jorge used the obscene words against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his parents departed, a wave of condemnations among officials and public opinion in Georgia.
Rushed a lot of Georgian citizens to the expression on social networking sites dissatisfaction after the broadcast channel "Rustavi 2" on Sunday evening, a program presented by the media and Georgi Gabonaa initiated by the launch of Almspat and insults in Russian President Vladimir Putin and his parents departed, using the ugliest words.

With nightfall, a crowd of citizens gathered in front of the channel's headquarters in protest, denouncing the effectiveness of declaring the ominous and demanding an apology channel, forcing management to shut down and stop broadcasting until Monday morning "in order to preserve the safety of its employees" after some were assaulted by protesters.

She was the President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili for "absolute condemnation of hate speech, aggression and verbal insults and provocative statements issued today on the channel" Rustavi 2 ", noting that" contrary to all the Georgian tradition, and hurt only deepen the division and the escalation of tension within the country, and with Russia and Region".

For his part, Prime Minister Mamuka Bouktadze described what introduced "Rustavi 2" as "a very serious message directed against peace and security in Georgia," and "disgusting act of provocation and an attempt to destabilize our country, which is totally unacceptable," and expressed the hope that the distance all the citizens of Georgia and its friends themselves from this perilous adventure trend. "

The management of the channel, he has disowned Gabonaa's remarks, noting that they were not aware of his intentions, and confirmed the director of the channel that "the expression of opinion in this form is totally unacceptable and not consistent with the editorial channel or professional requirements of standards", but he refused to apologize for insulting Putin , expressing solidarity with the significance of the words Gabonaa.

It should be noted that the channel "Rustavi 2" calculated on the former President Mikhail Saakashvili, who is considered a key faction of his party in the Georgian opposition.

Iran and the Nuclear Agreement

We read in the Guardian an article by Hussein Mousavi, entitled "Iran did not want this crisis to erupt, but it will not stand silent in front of Trump's bullying." The author said that the decision to raise the level of uranium enrichment was an inevitable response to the recent US decisions, especially after the withdrawal of the administration of US President Donald Trump of the nuclear agreement and unilaterally. He added that the United States began to impose new economic and political sanctions, not only targeting different sectors of the Iranian economy, but also the most influential entities and actors in the state. These sanctions have effectively undermined diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis and will have political consequences not only for Iran and the United States, but for the region as a whole. He pointed out that the return of hostility between Iran and the United States after a period of détente under Barack Obama is one of the most pressing challenges to peace and security in the Middle East .. He said that the nuclear agreement is one of the most comprehensive agreements in the history of non-proliferation. Iran has accepted the most transparent measures of interference and strict restrictions on its nuclear program, noting that the International Atomic Energy Agency has recently recognized that Iran fully complies with the terms and conditions of the joint work plan. He concluded by saying that after Iran's commitment to the nuclear agreement was rewarded with further sanctions.

Iran's nuclear agreement: The third step Tehran could include raising the proportion of uranium enrichment to 20 percent

Iran is currently looking third step to reduce its nuclear obligations, warning the other signatories of the nuclear agreement, especially the European, if it has not fulfilled its obligations and merely verbal solutions, Tehran will implement its move third more strongly, as has been confirmed by the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

The International Atomic Energy Agency of Iran The third step may include increasing the level of enrichment to 20 percent.

The agency quoted the official IRNA quoted Abbas Mousavi, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, was quoted as saying at his weekly press conference Monday that Iran "hopes did not comment on any country, whether its friends, such as China and Russia, or the European countries, and it is important for them is the implementation of the commitments contained in the nuclear agreement." .

Mousavi added that Iran "take its decisions according to their interests," adding that it "does not allow itself to be a paper in the hands of others, but takes its decisions independently in accordance with their national interests and national security."

Moussaoui has denied the existence of any new negotiations.

What are the options available to Iran?

The agency quoted the official IRNA Behrouz Kamalonda, a spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, as saying on Monday that his country exceeded uranium enrichment limit stipulated in the nuclear site agreement in 2015 at 3.67 percent, and enriching at higher levels.

He said Kamalonda "We do not need twenty percent now, but if we require it will produce. When we passed the level of 3.67 percent of the enrichment, there were not an obstacle or problem."

He pointed out that enrichment levels higher than this was discussed at the Supreme National Security Council.

He said that the increase in the number of centrifuges is an option for Iran to take the third step in abandoning its commitments to the nuclear deal.

Must European countries signatories to the agreement, according to what Kamalonda says, to act quickly to fulfill its commitments, because Iran will continue to reduce its commitment to the agreement even reach a conclusion.

Iran said Sunday it will soon exceed its uranium enrichment allowable limit, pushing the US President, Donald Trump, to urge them to be careful.

China's position

China said that "bullying" the United States is the main reason behind the escalation of the Iranian nuclear crisis, after the Tehran declaration of readiness to give up the limit in uranium enrichment.

Said Jing Chuang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that "the primary cause of the Iranian nuclear crisis is the intense pressure exerted by the United States on Iran."

The ministry expressed regret Beijing's decision to increase the proportion of Iran's uranium enrichment, including beyond the limit permitted under the nuclear agreement, and stressed that the solution to the Iranian nuclear issue should be done through diplomatic means, and called on all parties to exercise restraint.

Washington's reaction

US President Trump said that "Iran is doing a lot of bad things," pointing out that the way you work suggests it wants to build a nuclear weapon, but it "will never be owned."

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Trump already in condemning the Iranian stance, saying that Tehran would face more sanctions and isolation.

Iran's announcement raised its intention to raise the proportion of uranium enrichment convictions and international wide, particularly from the European powers signed the agreement.

What Europe said?

Britain called for the cancellation of the Iranian decision to raise the percentage of enrichment immediately, and France accused Iran of violating the agreement signed with it.

The European Union strongly urged Iran to stop acts that are contrary to the nuclear site with the agreement, and said he was in touch with other parties signatories to the Agreement, has established a joint committee to discuss the issue.

A statement issued by Federica Mogherini, foreign policy chief of the European Union, "We are very concerned about Iran's announcement that it would start uranium enrichment by more than the limit laid down at 3.67 percent, and strongly urge Iran to stop and cancel all activities that do not comply with their obligations" .

He denounced the French president, Emmanuel shifty, what he described as a "violation of Iran's nuclear obligations."

The announcement of the French president, one day after the conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani, in which he "deeply concerned" about the consequences that would result from the abandonment of the nuclear deal for the year 2015.

The French Foreign Ministry urged Iran to execute uranium enrichment to levels exceeding the ratio stipulated in the nuclear agreement in 2015.

It said in a statement: "We strongly urge Iran to stop its activities that do not comply with their obligations under the Joint Action Plan."

A spokesman for the British Foreign Office said that although Iran has now breached the terms of the nuclear agreement, the United Kingdom is "fully committed" to him, Tehran strongly urges to stop its activities that, as it coordinates with other parties signatories to the agreement on what to do.

Germany said it was "extremely concerned" and urged Iran not to take any further steps that the deal was at risk.

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Syria and Turkey share the bombing sites .. And «Putin» calls to eliminate the hotbeds of tension

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced the bombing of sites belonging to the Syrian army, in response to what the Anatolia agency called the «aggression» on the observation point in Idlib, while the Syrian army said it was a response to the source of the Turkish missiles.

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced yesterday that one Turkish soldier was killed and three others injured in an attack on a Turkish observation post in the Idlib area to reduce the escalation in northwestern Syria, accusing the Syrian authorities of being behind the incident.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said in a statement that the Syrian forces stationed near the area of reducing the escalation targeted the tenth observation point located in the corner of southern countryside Idlib artillery shells, considering this attack deliberately.

According to the Turkish defense, "the Russian military attache in Ankara was summoned to the Chief of General Staff to take necessary action with Russia on this incident." The Turkish Defense Ministry also pledged to respond to the attack "as intensely as possible."

Turkey has already deployed 12 monitoring points in the area, following up on the implementation of the cease-fire in the region, which is currently experiencing tension between the Syrian government forces and the armed organizations that control Idlib, especially the "Sham Liberation Organization", which is considered a terrorist organization and is protected by Turkey .

Syrian television reported that units of the army responded yesterday to the source of the Turkish troops' shells targeting army positions in the north of the country. Syrian television reported that more than 18 rocket-propelled grenades from Turkish forces in the southern region of Sher Maghawar and the southern town of Idlib targeted the forces of al-Kahram, Silver Tomb and the outskirts of the town of Al-Hawiz in the jungle in the northern Hama countryside, and the army responded to its source.

The Syrian news agency SANA said that in response to the ongoing attacks on the villages and towns of Hama, the Syrian army launched heavy missile strikes on the sites of the spread of terrorist organizations on the outskirts of the villages of Al-Jabin Tal Malh and Al-Tamana Zakat in the northern suburb of Hama, where the dead and equipment losses.

US military maneuver in the "Executive" with the participation of Syrian opposition factions

US forces stationed conducted in the "Tanf base" - at the border triangle between Syria , Iraq and Jordan - military exercises with the participation of gunmen from the Syrian opposition , backed by Washington, in those dotted.
The group called "commando revolution" belonging to the Syrian opposition - as reported by the "free" channel of America, on Saturday - that "exercises were used several types of rockets, rocket launchers, artillery and mortars pay to stay on a high degree of readiness to cope with the movements of the organization (Daesh) in the Syrian desert.

Trump: I am trying not to war, but if it occurred would cause destruction Mahaka not seen by Iranian leaders

US President Donald Trump said he does not want war with Iran, but warned that it would face "erasure" if a conflict broke out between the two countries.

Trump said in an interview Friday night with NBC of America said that the United States is ready to hold talks but will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

"I do not seek war that occurred would be erased not seen never before. But I am not trying to do that."

This came in the context of Trump's comments on questions about the reasons for canceling a military strike targeting Iranian military positions at dawn on Friday in response to a US plane dropped Tehran poll said it violated its airspace.

Trump said he canceled the operation because the response in this way to bring down the plane would have led to a disproportionate loss of life is estimated at 150 people.

Britain announced the dispatch of its minister for the Middle East to Tehran "to express concern about Iran's behavior in the region."
Iran shot down the American plane, a Global Hawk and keep track of the Navy on Thursday morning, noting that the surface to air missile shot down over its territory while Washington said that it happened over international waters in the Strait of Hormuz.

In his interview with NBC, Trump said, addressing Iranian leaders "can not acquire nuclear weapons. If you want to talk about this, the same is a good thing, otherwise you will live in a devastating economy for a long time to come."

The reporter pointed out that the network NBC, Chuck Todd, after the interview that Trump confirmed that he does not have any preconditions for negotiations with Iran and that he wants to talk with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani or Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

" Oil prices "

Britain Sunday and send its minister for the Middle East to Tehran "to hold high-level talks with the Iranian government."

It will be a short visit, during which he calls Andrew Morrison to the cessation of escalation urgently in the region, according to a statement of the British Foreign Affairs.

The statement said that Britain "in an existing diplomatic dialogue with Iran," the minister will express "the British and international Iran's behavior in the region concerned and threatened to stop compliance with the nuclear agreement that Britain remains committed to its full commitment."

The crisis has caused the recent rise in oil prices above $ 65 a barrel in trading on Friday due to concerns about the possibility of closing the Strait of Hormuz and the disruption of oil exports from the Gulf.

The White House said that Trump phone Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the situation in the Middle East and the oil market after causing tension with Iran in increasing prices.

Said Hogan Geddle, spokesman for the White House in a statement: "The two leaders discussed the vital role of Saudi Arabia in ensuring stability in the Middle East, and the global oil market as well as the threat posed by the escalating behavior of the Iranian regime."

Sources in the window of the White House explained that the national security adviser, John Bolton, and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo as well as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Gina Haspl were the most prominent supporters of the implementation of the retaliatory strike from Iran, but Trump canceled at the last minute.

In the meantime, US military sources said that Washington is preparing to withdraw four hundred people from the elements of my company Lockheed Martin Salaibort Global from a military base in the north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad because of the potential security risks after exposure three military bases where US troops are stationed to attacks over the past week.

UAE: The death of the son of the ruler of Sharjah in Britain

He died the son of the ruler of Sharjah in the UAE, Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, at the age of 39, as announced by the Information Office of the Government of Sharjah, Tuesday.

The office said in a statement through his account on Twitter, that Qassimi died on Monday while he was in Britain, without giving more details about the death.

And mourned the death of Ruler 's Court of Sharjah , as well as the Ministry of Presidential Affairs , UAE Al Qassimi, will be announced the arrival of his body and prayed for him later.

It was decided to official mourning and flags Tankees ad in the Emirate of Sharjah for 3 days, from the time of the arrival of the body of the deceased and prayed for him.

The Al Qasimi last sons of male descendants of the ruler of Sharjah, after the death of his son Sheikh Mohammed in 1999.

And Ruler of Sharjah , 4 blocks, while the crown prince takes the emirate , Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi

Iran is thus circumventing American sanctions

A new "scandal" has emerged on the Iranian scene, confirming Iran's violations of international resolutions, especially the sanctions imposed on it.

A new "scandal" has emerged on the Iranian scene, confirming Iran's violations of international resolutions, especially the sanctions imposed on it. More recently, Iranian state television has revealed what Iran is doing in order to circumvent US sanctions. In detail, state television broadcast a report on a ship that was able to reach China and deliver an oil shipment, in clear circumvention of US sanctions. The television showed a series of satellite images, in a program directly showed the details of the tanker of the Iranian Oil Ministry docked in a port in China, and delivery of the shipment of oil. Also, television showed the path taken by the Iranian oil tanker "Sarina" at sea, until it reached a port in China and laid it there. This "scam" that proves Iran's violations has been confirmed by Iran's Oil Minister Begin Zanganeh, which is a bigger scandal. Zanganeh's assertion comes as part of an attack on Iranian television because he exposed the "hidden", and considered that "the step of television lost all the efforts of the country to be able to circumvent the sanctions." According to the news agencyundefined "Zanganeh pointed out that some foreign media are hostile to Iran and are republishing this issue, it is illegal." The report received discontent from social media outlets, and a number of activists considered it "revealing confidential information to circumvent sanctions". undefined

"The information provided is not new, and satellite imagery has been published earlier in the Financial Times, in more detail," IRNA said in a statement. "Two million barrels of Iranian oil in Malaysia have been transferred to a Chinese tanker and headed to China," a recent report told Reuters. Reuters estimated Iran's production of crude oil at 300,000 barrels or less last month, but it is not clear to which country shipments were exported. Prior to the comprehensive ban on Iran's oil exports last November, and then the temporary waivers in May, Iran exported about 2.5 million bpd. US sanctions have had a clear and significant impact on Iran's dilapidated economy, leading to disagreements between the wings of the regime and within the government. Zanganeh said earlier that "the current situation is more difficult than the situation of the war on Iraq," asserting that "the Americans imposed the most severe sanctions organized in history against Iran."

Who is the girl Princess Haya Al Hussein, wife of the ruler of Dubai "is hidden in London"?

Several days ago speaking media world for many "escape wife and Ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum," and request accommodation in a European country and filed a suit for divorce from the UAE Sheikh.

According to The Daily American Beast, Princess Haya made a request for asylum in Germany and has been approved in principle, as the site itself explained that it is currently staying with her two children, the venerable 11 years old, and Zayed 7 years, in a secret location in the British capital London, where he prefers to live there.

It was striking that were not come along with her husband Mohammed bin Rashid (69 years) during the Ascot horse race in Britain last month, a harder occasion to appear where together.


According to media sources said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the actual ruler of the UAE Mohammed bin Zayed traveled to Germany before the opening of the Royal Ascot race in an effort to persuade Haya to return to the UAE, but their efforts were unsuccessful and did not convince the German authorities to return them.

According to multiple news sources, a German diplomat in the United Arab Emirates Princess Haya helped to escape from Dubai.
Any chance of reconciliation between the two parties has vanished as evidenced by the poem Mohammed bin Rashid feeling full of anger and bitterness, which was published and was circulated widely through the means of social communication.

The Mohammed bin Rashid married six times and has 23 sons and daughters
Loss of mother
Of Princess Haya 45 years old and studied in Britain in private schools and then enrolled at the University of Oxford's prestigious, which is a stronghold of preparing politicians future in Britain and abroad, a sister of the current Jordanian King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein, the father hand, while her mother, it is Queen Alia, who died in an accident helicopter crash in 1977.

Haya focused on equestrian from an early stage of her life in the wake of the death of her mother. She said in an interview with CNN that the United States in 2014 it was dubbed Balmottagoukah because of Antoaiatha and grief over the loss of her mother, Vohdaha her father, King Hussein, a small horse when she was six years old and asked her sponsorship Vtkhalst from its isolation and is concerned since that time horses.

In 1992, he participated in the seventh Arab Games in Damascus course and won the Bronze Award, and represented Jordan at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and two years later represented her country in jumping at the International Equestrian Championships held in Spain's competition.

Married Haya Mohammed bin Rashid in 2004 and gave birth to two children, and assumed the presidency of the International Equestrian Federation for 8 years until he resigned from it in 2014.

Dubai Equestrian Club also presided in the UAE for some time.

It was announced via a video clip on its front page on Instagram in the month of January last return for the sport of horse riding.

US-Iranian tension: Do you kill Washington, "the hen that lays golden eggs?"

Discussed Arab newspapers, in both paper and electronic, the threat of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to increase his country's uranium enrichment ratio above the allowed rate.

Rowhani stressed that Tehran would increase its stockpile of enriched uranium starting on Sunday July 7 if they are not easing economic sanctions imposed by the United States of America.

Sunday "will be different days."
Abdel-Bari Atwan says in the opinion of the day of London that "Iran has the ability and experience to produce a nuclear bomb within a year. The world now stands on the brink of military confrontation between Iran and the United States, which will increase prospects after on Sunday, European states will not be able to meet the Iranian conditions easing economic sanctions before the end of the deadline, we do not believe that the Iranian authorities will drop these threats only if a miracle occurred. "

He adds Atwan "Israeli horror of the size of the Iranian retaliation that led to the decline in Trump about his plan a military attack on Iran, targeting three missile and nuclear sites in retaliation for the spy plane dropped the march, and ten minutes before the start of the aircraft to perform the task."

The writer emphasizes that "on Sunday will be different days in all cases, in view of the possible situations that may be taken by several key parties in the crisis, such as the Europeans and the Americans and Israelis, as well as the Iranians, the wedding owners, of course, and it would be easy to know the white thread of black for us and others observers. "

And stresses the Lebanese news in an editorial that Tehran "stick to its path escalation within the framework of the nuclear agreement file. Path will enter the Lausanne agreement in a dark tunnel, it seems the possibility of returning him to life is difficult, though the legal path for such a scenario requires a long time until the formal announcement of the break up contract agreement ".

Adds news: "For Tehran, the agreement, politically and economically, is almost dead by US sanctions, or rather the European commitment to these sanctions. After a year of US withdrawal, and the escalation of the confrontation between Tehran and Washington, do not find Iran to agree only a paper aimed at out within a basket of anti-US policy of extreme pressure pressures, since they no longer have to lose or gain, unless these pressures succeeded in changing the European position. "

"Pamper" Europe and the Trump Tehran

A number of commentators also drew criticism arrows to the way in which the US President Donald Trump and European countries with Iran.

In the opinion of Kuwait, Mubarak compares more Moasherji between the way of former US President John F. Kennedy's deal with the Russian missile crisis in Cuba and the Trump deal with Tehran.

Says Moasherji "If we heard Trump threats these days launched by then withdrawn and asks the dialogue with Iran, while Iran is more of a threat to neighboring countries, and move their arms in the Gulf region to launch attacks on US interests, even they returned to uranium enrichment and abandoned nuclear deal It concluded with Western countries, because we knew the difference between Kennedy and Trump. "

In an article titled "America will not kill the hen lays golden eggs," Talal Abdul Karim says the Kuwaiti Al-Qabas "Washington does not rush to the rescue of one, it does not adopt a policy to eliminate the threats, but to exploit, as threats of Iran to the Gulf states, how spends Trump on the Iranian regime, He and his predecessors, presidents consider him Caldjajh that lays them gold? ".

He adds Karim "Iran is threatening the Arabs, and the Arabs pay for its threats of gold to America, and Iran is not what the Arabs were forced to waste their money to guard against evil."

In Bahrain's Al Watan, Walid Sabri wrote an article titled "Why Europe gasping behind Iran's terrorist," it says that "Europe Pamper Iran" was behind Tehran's threat to increase uranium enrichment.

He adds Sabri "and Europe met with the Iranian threat to go beyond the stock of low-enriched uranium to express deep regret and concern to Tehran's decision ... without taking a firm attitude towards the actions and behavior of Iran."

He adds Sabri "revealed the behavior of European countries in dealing with the Iranian terrorism duality and weakness, but amounted to a panting behind the system of clerical rule, especially with European officials declaration that they will maintain their support for Iran's nuclear agreement and will continue to trade with Iran despite the pressure from Trump."

The writer asserts that it "makes no sense to pamper Europe 'Iran terrorist' and the arrival of the relationship to the stage of the old continent panting behind the system of clerical rule by insisting on continuing weak nuclear deal ignores fundamental issues, most notably support for extremism and human rights."

The government of the Zionist entity calls for special teams of the army

The government of the Zionist entity calls for special teams of the army after the transformation of the protests for a real civil war (confrontations between the Jewish communities)
- Ethiopian Jews threaten to close the Ben Gurion airport and news of the expansion of the circle of protests ..

- The confrontations are continuing in Israel and out of control and also the expansion of security chaos to the extent of burning shops and public and private property ...

- All this amid media blackout and deliberate confusion of all means of social communication
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