Britain confirms Iranian attempt to detain a tanker in Hormuz

The British government on Thursday confirmed media reports that Iran's Revolutionary Guard was trying to intercept one of its tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. London said three Iranian boats approached the British carrier Heridge and tried to detain her, but failed. The British government expressed its concern about the actions taken by the Iranian authorities and urged them to calm the situation. Earlier on Thursday, a Reuters quoted a US official as saying that five boats believed to belong to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards approached a British tanker on Wednesday. The official said the boats demanded the tanker to stop in Iranian waters near its location, but withdrew after a British warship warned it by radio.

Later, the news agency "Reuters" denied the Revolutionary Guard involvement in the attempt to detain the British carrier, saying that it was "American allegations." This is the third attack or attempted attack on international oil tankers in the Gulf region and the Gulf of Oman, according to Washington, which accused the mullahs' regime of involvement in the attacks. The Iranian semi-official agency Tasnim quoted Iran's Chief of Staff General Mohammad Baqri as saying earlier that Britain's seizure of an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar last week "will not remain unanswered." The British Royal Marines advanced to the Grace 1 ship off the coast of Gibraltar last Thursday and detained it on charges of violating EU sanctions by transferring oil to Syria. Image source: AFP

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