Iran and the Nuclear Agreement

We read in the Guardian an article by Hussein Mousavi, entitled "Iran did not want this crisis to erupt, but it will not stand silent in front of Trump's bullying." The author said that the decision to raise the level of uranium enrichment was an inevitable response to the recent US decisions, especially after the withdrawal of the administration of US President Donald Trump of the nuclear agreement and unilaterally. He added that the United States began to impose new economic and political sanctions, not only targeting different sectors of the Iranian economy, but also the most influential entities and actors in the state. These sanctions have effectively undermined diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis and will have political consequences not only for Iran and the United States, but for the region as a whole. He pointed out that the return of hostility between Iran and the United States after a period of détente under Barack Obama is one of the most pressing challenges to peace and security in the Middle East .. He said that the nuclear agreement is one of the most comprehensive agreements in the history of non-proliferation. Iran has accepted the most transparent measures of interference and strict restrictions on its nuclear program, noting that the International Atomic Energy Agency has recently recognized that Iran fully complies with the terms and conditions of the joint work plan. He concluded by saying that after Iran's commitment to the nuclear agreement was rewarded with further sanctions.

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