Iranian Guard: We will target US bases in neighboring Arab countries if an attack is launched

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guard for Cultural and Social Affairs Hassin Najat said that his country's forces would destroy US aircraft carriers in the Gulf waters if any "folly" was committed against Iran.

"American bases in the region are in the range of Iranian missiles," Najat said. "Our missiles will target US bases in neighboring Arab countries in the event of any attack on our country." The Iranian military official stressed that "the war is not on Trump's agenda and he wants to drag Tehran to negotiate through the maximum pressure." Nagat pointed out that US President Donald Trump did not respond to the downing of the plane, knowing that "the bases from which US operations will be launched in the range of our missiles." "Iran has put Israel's security at risk and now it is troubling Saudi Arabia, America and Israel. Tehran is fighting the war at the enemy's borders and not on its borders," he warned.

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