Iran's nuclear agreement: The third step Tehran could include raising the proportion of uranium enrichment to 20 percent

Iran is currently looking third step to reduce its nuclear obligations, warning the other signatories of the nuclear agreement, especially the European, if it has not fulfilled its obligations and merely verbal solutions, Tehran will implement its move third more strongly, as has been confirmed by the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

The International Atomic Energy Agency of Iran The third step may include increasing the level of enrichment to 20 percent.

The agency quoted the official IRNA quoted Abbas Mousavi, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, was quoted as saying at his weekly press conference Monday that Iran "hopes did not comment on any country, whether its friends, such as China and Russia, or the European countries, and it is important for them is the implementation of the commitments contained in the nuclear agreement." .

Mousavi added that Iran "take its decisions according to their interests," adding that it "does not allow itself to be a paper in the hands of others, but takes its decisions independently in accordance with their national interests and national security."

Moussaoui has denied the existence of any new negotiations.

What are the options available to Iran?

The agency quoted the official IRNA Behrouz Kamalonda, a spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, as saying on Monday that his country exceeded uranium enrichment limit stipulated in the nuclear site agreement in 2015 at 3.67 percent, and enriching at higher levels.

He said Kamalonda "We do not need twenty percent now, but if we require it will produce. When we passed the level of 3.67 percent of the enrichment, there were not an obstacle or problem."

He pointed out that enrichment levels higher than this was discussed at the Supreme National Security Council.

He said that the increase in the number of centrifuges is an option for Iran to take the third step in abandoning its commitments to the nuclear deal.

Must European countries signatories to the agreement, according to what Kamalonda says, to act quickly to fulfill its commitments, because Iran will continue to reduce its commitment to the agreement even reach a conclusion.

Iran said Sunday it will soon exceed its uranium enrichment allowable limit, pushing the US President, Donald Trump, to urge them to be careful.

China's position

China said that "bullying" the United States is the main reason behind the escalation of the Iranian nuclear crisis, after the Tehran declaration of readiness to give up the limit in uranium enrichment.

Said Jing Chuang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that "the primary cause of the Iranian nuclear crisis is the intense pressure exerted by the United States on Iran."

The ministry expressed regret Beijing's decision to increase the proportion of Iran's uranium enrichment, including beyond the limit permitted under the nuclear agreement, and stressed that the solution to the Iranian nuclear issue should be done through diplomatic means, and called on all parties to exercise restraint.

Washington's reaction

US President Trump said that "Iran is doing a lot of bad things," pointing out that the way you work suggests it wants to build a nuclear weapon, but it "will never be owned."

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Trump already in condemning the Iranian stance, saying that Tehran would face more sanctions and isolation.

Iran's announcement raised its intention to raise the proportion of uranium enrichment convictions and international wide, particularly from the European powers signed the agreement.

What Europe said?

Britain called for the cancellation of the Iranian decision to raise the percentage of enrichment immediately, and France accused Iran of violating the agreement signed with it.

The European Union strongly urged Iran to stop acts that are contrary to the nuclear site with the agreement, and said he was in touch with other parties signatories to the Agreement, has established a joint committee to discuss the issue.

A statement issued by Federica Mogherini, foreign policy chief of the European Union, "We are very concerned about Iran's announcement that it would start uranium enrichment by more than the limit laid down at 3.67 percent, and strongly urge Iran to stop and cancel all activities that do not comply with their obligations" .

He denounced the French president, Emmanuel shifty, what he described as a "violation of Iran's nuclear obligations."

The announcement of the French president, one day after the conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani, in which he "deeply concerned" about the consequences that would result from the abandonment of the nuclear deal for the year 2015.

The French Foreign Ministry urged Iran to execute uranium enrichment to levels exceeding the ratio stipulated in the nuclear agreement in 2015.

It said in a statement: "We strongly urge Iran to stop its activities that do not comply with their obligations under the Joint Action Plan."

A spokesman for the British Foreign Office said that although Iran has now breached the terms of the nuclear agreement, the United Kingdom is "fully committed" to him, Tehran strongly urges to stop its activities that, as it coordinates with other parties signatories to the agreement on what to do.

Germany said it was "extremely concerned" and urged Iran not to take any further steps that the deal was at risk.

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