Turkish impasse in Syria

In the Syrian newspaper Al-Thawra, Abd al-Rahim Ahmad said that "the restoration of Khan Sheikhoun is a milestone in the war on terror map and an important step towards ending the war against Syria. The writer said that the developments in Khan Sheikhoun is a message to those who described them as "those who are illusory after the Euphrates east" that "recognizes the reality in which the Syrian state has its decision, and impose its word away from the American and Turkish bazaars, which is nothing but a retreat in the taste of defeat." The UAE's Gulf editorial referred to the "Turkish predicament in Syria," noting that "de-escalation agreements signed with Russia are already falling on the ground with Russia's active participation in ending the pro-Turkish armed presence in northwestern Syria." "This development opens the door to a new clash between the Syrian regime, backed by Russia and the Turkish side, which is betting on the battle of Idlib to achieve points of progress in Syria," warned Wafaa Arfaoui in the Maghreb newspaper. The writer added: "Fear Turkey, which is trying through effortsundefined Stressing the imposition of its vision in the north of Syria for fear of increasing Kurdish influence near its borders, which is an explicit threat to its national security ... Observers believe that these developments in the field may suggest near zero hour before the outbreak of the battle 'Idlib' for years. undefined

'Khan Sheikhoun flips the scales'

Likewise, Suhaib Anjerini said in the Lebanese news that Ankara appears to be in an "unenviable situation, at least on the surface," and military operations reflected a "severe confusion among armed groups," as "the rapid field developments in the provinces of Idlib and Hama are preparing for a transformation." Very important in the whole Syrian scene. " Mohammad Kharoub took a similar view in his article with the Jordanian opinion, saying that "Khan Sheikhoun flips the scales" and that Ankara "lost out of the battle ... and the Sochi paper that it invested has fallen." If there is no longer an opportunity to 'convince' Ankara that the game of buying time is over, and that 'one year' has passed and the Sochi Agreement on Idlib signed by the Russian and Turkish presidents on September 17 has not been implemented. He pointed out that the Turkish president has two options: "First: to stand with his allies in the front 'Nusra' and 'Ahrar al-Sham' and the factions fighting under their umbrella in Idlib and its countryside, and send his forces to defend them in the face of the attack Syrian-Russian Joint;undefined To go to Moscow and look for a political solution with President Putin pledging to disarm these factions, and then came out, and to settle the situation of Syrian fighters in the framework of a general Syrian amnesty. undefined

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