US military maneuver in the "Executive" with the participation of Syrian opposition factions

US forces stationed conducted in the "Tanf base" - at the border triangle between Syria , Iraq and Jordan - military exercises with the participation of gunmen from the Syrian opposition , backed by Washington, in those dotted.
The group called "commando revolution" belonging to the Syrian opposition - as reported by the "free" channel of America, on Saturday - that "exercises were used several types of rockets, rocket launchers, artillery and mortars pay to stay on a high degree of readiness to cope with the movements of the organization (Daesh) in the Syrian desert.

Trump: I am trying not to war, but if it occurred would cause destruction Mahaka not seen by Iranian leaders

US President Donald Trump said he does not want war with Iran, but warned that it would face "erasure" if a conflict broke out between the two countries.

Trump said in an interview Friday night with NBC of America said that the United States is ready to hold talks but will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

"I do not seek war that occurred would be erased not seen never before. But I am not trying to do that."

This came in the context of Trump's comments on questions about the reasons for canceling a military strike targeting Iranian military positions at dawn on Friday in response to a US plane dropped Tehran poll said it violated its airspace.

Trump said he canceled the operation because the response in this way to bring down the plane would have led to a disproportionate loss of life is estimated at 150 people.

Britain announced the dispatch of its minister for the Middle East to Tehran "to express concern about Iran's behavior in the region."
Iran shot down the American plane, a Global Hawk and keep track of the Navy on Thursday morning, noting that the surface to air missile shot down over its territory while Washington said that it happened over international waters in the Strait of Hormuz.

In his interview with NBC, Trump said, addressing Iranian leaders "can not acquire nuclear weapons. If you want to talk about this, the same is a good thing, otherwise you will live in a devastating economy for a long time to come."

The reporter pointed out that the network NBC, Chuck Todd, after the interview that Trump confirmed that he does not have any preconditions for negotiations with Iran and that he wants to talk with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani or Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

" Oil prices "

Britain Sunday and send its minister for the Middle East to Tehran "to hold high-level talks with the Iranian government."

It will be a short visit, during which he calls Andrew Morrison to the cessation of escalation urgently in the region, according to a statement of the British Foreign Affairs.

The statement said that Britain "in an existing diplomatic dialogue with Iran," the minister will express "the British and international Iran's behavior in the region concerned and threatened to stop compliance with the nuclear agreement that Britain remains committed to its full commitment."

The crisis has caused the recent rise in oil prices above $ 65 a barrel in trading on Friday due to concerns about the possibility of closing the Strait of Hormuz and the disruption of oil exports from the Gulf.

The White House said that Trump phone Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the situation in the Middle East and the oil market after causing tension with Iran in increasing prices.

Said Hogan Geddle, spokesman for the White House in a statement: "The two leaders discussed the vital role of Saudi Arabia in ensuring stability in the Middle East, and the global oil market as well as the threat posed by the escalating behavior of the Iranian regime."

Sources in the window of the White House explained that the national security adviser, John Bolton, and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo as well as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Gina Haspl were the most prominent supporters of the implementation of the retaliatory strike from Iran, but Trump canceled at the last minute.

In the meantime, US military sources said that Washington is preparing to withdraw four hundred people from the elements of my company Lockheed Martin Salaibort Global from a military base in the north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad because of the potential security risks after exposure three military bases where US troops are stationed to attacks over the past week.

UAE: The death of the son of the ruler of Sharjah in Britain

He died the son of the ruler of Sharjah in the UAE, Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, at the age of 39, as announced by the Information Office of the Government of Sharjah, Tuesday.

The office said in a statement through his account on Twitter, that Qassimi died on Monday while he was in Britain, without giving more details about the death.

And mourned the death of Ruler 's Court of Sharjah , as well as the Ministry of Presidential Affairs , UAE Al Qassimi, will be announced the arrival of his body and prayed for him later.

It was decided to official mourning and flags Tankees ad in the Emirate of Sharjah for 3 days, from the time of the arrival of the body of the deceased and prayed for him.

The Al Qasimi last sons of male descendants of the ruler of Sharjah, after the death of his son Sheikh Mohammed in 1999.

And Ruler of Sharjah , 4 blocks, while the crown prince takes the emirate , Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi

Iran is thus circumventing American sanctions

A new "scandal" has emerged on the Iranian scene, confirming Iran's violations of international resolutions, especially the sanctions imposed on it.

A new "scandal" has emerged on the Iranian scene, confirming Iran's violations of international resolutions, especially the sanctions imposed on it. More recently, Iranian state television has revealed what Iran is doing in order to circumvent US sanctions. In detail, state television broadcast a report on a ship that was able to reach China and deliver an oil shipment, in clear circumvention of US sanctions. The television showed a series of satellite images, in a program directly showed the details of the tanker of the Iranian Oil Ministry docked in a port in China, and delivery of the shipment of oil. Also, television showed the path taken by the Iranian oil tanker "Sarina" at sea, until it reached a port in China and laid it there. This "scam" that proves Iran's violations has been confirmed by Iran's Oil Minister Begin Zanganeh, which is a bigger scandal. Zanganeh's assertion comes as part of an attack on Iranian television because he exposed the "hidden", and considered that "the step of television lost all the efforts of the country to be able to circumvent the sanctions." According to the news agencyundefined "Zanganeh pointed out that some foreign media are hostile to Iran and are republishing this issue, it is illegal." The report received discontent from social media outlets, and a number of activists considered it "revealing confidential information to circumvent sanctions". undefined

"The information provided is not new, and satellite imagery has been published earlier in the Financial Times, in more detail," IRNA said in a statement. "Two million barrels of Iranian oil in Malaysia have been transferred to a Chinese tanker and headed to China," a recent report told Reuters. Reuters estimated Iran's production of crude oil at 300,000 barrels or less last month, but it is not clear to which country shipments were exported. Prior to the comprehensive ban on Iran's oil exports last November, and then the temporary waivers in May, Iran exported about 2.5 million bpd. US sanctions have had a clear and significant impact on Iran's dilapidated economy, leading to disagreements between the wings of the regime and within the government. Zanganeh said earlier that "the current situation is more difficult than the situation of the war on Iraq," asserting that "the Americans imposed the most severe sanctions organized in history against Iran."

Who is the girl Princess Haya Al Hussein, wife of the ruler of Dubai "is hidden in London"?

Several days ago speaking media world for many "escape wife and Ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum," and request accommodation in a European country and filed a suit for divorce from the UAE Sheikh.

According to The Daily American Beast, Princess Haya made a request for asylum in Germany and has been approved in principle, as the site itself explained that it is currently staying with her two children, the venerable 11 years old, and Zayed 7 years, in a secret location in the British capital London, where he prefers to live there.

It was striking that were not come along with her husband Mohammed bin Rashid (69 years) during the Ascot horse race in Britain last month, a harder occasion to appear where together.


According to media sources said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the actual ruler of the UAE Mohammed bin Zayed traveled to Germany before the opening of the Royal Ascot race in an effort to persuade Haya to return to the UAE, but their efforts were unsuccessful and did not convince the German authorities to return them.

According to multiple news sources, a German diplomat in the United Arab Emirates Princess Haya helped to escape from Dubai.
Any chance of reconciliation between the two parties has vanished as evidenced by the poem Mohammed bin Rashid feeling full of anger and bitterness, which was published and was circulated widely through the means of social communication.

The Mohammed bin Rashid married six times and has 23 sons and daughters
Loss of mother
Of Princess Haya 45 years old and studied in Britain in private schools and then enrolled at the University of Oxford's prestigious, which is a stronghold of preparing politicians future in Britain and abroad, a sister of the current Jordanian King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein, the father hand, while her mother, it is Queen Alia, who died in an accident helicopter crash in 1977.

Haya focused on equestrian from an early stage of her life in the wake of the death of her mother. She said in an interview with CNN that the United States in 2014 it was dubbed Balmottagoukah because of Antoaiatha and grief over the loss of her mother, Vohdaha her father, King Hussein, a small horse when she was six years old and asked her sponsorship Vtkhalst from its isolation and is concerned since that time horses.

In 1992, he participated in the seventh Arab Games in Damascus course and won the Bronze Award, and represented Jordan at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and two years later represented her country in jumping at the International Equestrian Championships held in Spain's competition.

Married Haya Mohammed bin Rashid in 2004 and gave birth to two children, and assumed the presidency of the International Equestrian Federation for 8 years until he resigned from it in 2014.

Dubai Equestrian Club also presided in the UAE for some time.

It was announced via a video clip on its front page on Instagram in the month of January last return for the sport of horse riding.

US-Iranian tension: Do you kill Washington, "the hen that lays golden eggs?"

Discussed Arab newspapers, in both paper and electronic, the threat of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to increase his country's uranium enrichment ratio above the allowed rate.

Rowhani stressed that Tehran would increase its stockpile of enriched uranium starting on Sunday July 7 if they are not easing economic sanctions imposed by the United States of America.

Sunday "will be different days."
Abdel-Bari Atwan says in the opinion of the day of London that "Iran has the ability and experience to produce a nuclear bomb within a year. The world now stands on the brink of military confrontation between Iran and the United States, which will increase prospects after on Sunday, European states will not be able to meet the Iranian conditions easing economic sanctions before the end of the deadline, we do not believe that the Iranian authorities will drop these threats only if a miracle occurred. "

He adds Atwan "Israeli horror of the size of the Iranian retaliation that led to the decline in Trump about his plan a military attack on Iran, targeting three missile and nuclear sites in retaliation for the spy plane dropped the march, and ten minutes before the start of the aircraft to perform the task."

The writer emphasizes that "on Sunday will be different days in all cases, in view of the possible situations that may be taken by several key parties in the crisis, such as the Europeans and the Americans and Israelis, as well as the Iranians, the wedding owners, of course, and it would be easy to know the white thread of black for us and others observers. "

And stresses the Lebanese news in an editorial that Tehran "stick to its path escalation within the framework of the nuclear agreement file. Path will enter the Lausanne agreement in a dark tunnel, it seems the possibility of returning him to life is difficult, though the legal path for such a scenario requires a long time until the formal announcement of the break up contract agreement ".

Adds news: "For Tehran, the agreement, politically and economically, is almost dead by US sanctions, or rather the European commitment to these sanctions. After a year of US withdrawal, and the escalation of the confrontation between Tehran and Washington, do not find Iran to agree only a paper aimed at out within a basket of anti-US policy of extreme pressure pressures, since they no longer have to lose or gain, unless these pressures succeeded in changing the European position. "

"Pamper" Europe and the Trump Tehran

A number of commentators also drew criticism arrows to the way in which the US President Donald Trump and European countries with Iran.

In the opinion of Kuwait, Mubarak compares more Moasherji between the way of former US President John F. Kennedy's deal with the Russian missile crisis in Cuba and the Trump deal with Tehran.

Says Moasherji "If we heard Trump threats these days launched by then withdrawn and asks the dialogue with Iran, while Iran is more of a threat to neighboring countries, and move their arms in the Gulf region to launch attacks on US interests, even they returned to uranium enrichment and abandoned nuclear deal It concluded with Western countries, because we knew the difference between Kennedy and Trump. "

In an article titled "America will not kill the hen lays golden eggs," Talal Abdul Karim says the Kuwaiti Al-Qabas "Washington does not rush to the rescue of one, it does not adopt a policy to eliminate the threats, but to exploit, as threats of Iran to the Gulf states, how spends Trump on the Iranian regime, He and his predecessors, presidents consider him Caldjajh that lays them gold? ".

He adds Karim "Iran is threatening the Arabs, and the Arabs pay for its threats of gold to America, and Iran is not what the Arabs were forced to waste their money to guard against evil."

In Bahrain's Al Watan, Walid Sabri wrote an article titled "Why Europe gasping behind Iran's terrorist," it says that "Europe Pamper Iran" was behind Tehran's threat to increase uranium enrichment.

He adds Sabri "and Europe met with the Iranian threat to go beyond the stock of low-enriched uranium to express deep regret and concern to Tehran's decision ... without taking a firm attitude towards the actions and behavior of Iran."

He adds Sabri "revealed the behavior of European countries in dealing with the Iranian terrorism duality and weakness, but amounted to a panting behind the system of clerical rule, especially with European officials declaration that they will maintain their support for Iran's nuclear agreement and will continue to trade with Iran despite the pressure from Trump."

The writer asserts that it "makes no sense to pamper Europe 'Iran terrorist' and the arrival of the relationship to the stage of the old continent panting behind the system of clerical rule by insisting on continuing weak nuclear deal ignores fundamental issues, most notably support for extremism and human rights."

The government of the Zionist entity calls for special teams of the army

The government of the Zionist entity calls for special teams of the army after the transformation of the protests for a real civil war (confrontations between the Jewish communities)
- Ethiopian Jews threaten to close the Ben Gurion airport and news of the expansion of the circle of protests ..

- The confrontations are continuing in Israel and out of control and also the expansion of security chaos to the extent of burning shops and public and private property ...

- All this amid media blackout and deliberate confusion of all means of social communication
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Trump: Saudi Crown Prince friend did a lot for his country

Saudi Crown Prince meets President Trump US President Donald Trump described the performance of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as "amazing" and described him as a friend of his. "What the Saudi Crown Prince is doing our best for the Kingdom and the long journey the people of the Kingdom have achieved a lot over the years. On the political, security and military side, especially the economic, our achievements contribute to the growth of the GDP and provide more jobs. About Trump's speech, I am honored to meet the Crown Prince, a friend who has done much to his country. The Kingdom is making great efforts in the fight against terrorism. In the fight against terrorism and praised the efforts of the Crown in the opening and for his efforts in the liberation of women from restrictions

Libya accuses Turkey and Qatar of interfering in Tripoli battle

Al-Mismari accuses Turkey and Qatar of interfering in the Tripoli battle

 The Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari accused Turkey and Qatar of interfering directly in the battle of Tripoli, pointing out that Libya is under Turkish invasion. According to Sky News, Turkey provided a Turkish air cover with marching aircraft during the raid of the guerrillas in the city of Gharyan, adding that it was therefore decided to consider any Turkish targets on Libyan territory as hostile targets. Libyan territorial waters. The military spokesman pointed out that the army will target any point on the ground dealing with Turkey, stressing that there are orders to arrest all Turks in Libya, pointing out that there are also orders to ban flights from any Libyan airport to Turkey. Al-Mismari confirmed that the army would drop the terrorist organization's terrorist organization in Libya. He said that the troops would storm the town of Gharian and continue to destroy the capabilities of the militias

The conflict in the Shatt al - Arab

Look forward to our article on the Arab-Iranian conflict and the world's anticipation of this conflict